In addition to its reliability, the systems of INNOtec Systems GmbH are characterized by their durability and serviceability. Extensive features and service offerings for maintenance of monitoring systems provide a global system access and ensure low entertainment and maintenance costs at high reaction rate.

As a highly experienced specialists, we take you from work and responsibility and keep your monitoring systems in perfect condition. The full-service package for your safety planning means that we perform maintenance on a timely basis to check the functionality of the systems and make necessary adjustments and repairs.

We intrude- on demand and on request - to all installed systems worldwide, configure, and customize them to wait the systems installed in the track and train the users.

From estimate to repair - INNOtec Systems offers superb service with monitoring systems and workshop equipment!

1. Individual Consulting, Installation and Conversion

From INNOtec you receive products and services from a single source. Fast, flexible and reliable.

2. Investment Security

Extensive experience and knowledge of the links from the superstructure, rail, physics, electrical engineering, metallurgy, optical electronics and a large and growing customer base secure the services and know-how for your investment in the future.

3. Integration

The INNOtec Systems monitoring systems are compatible with other systems using different data transfer options, PC software and interfaces to other programs.

4. Initiative and Innovation Security

Through continuous development you always get the latest technology and software. In recent years, a variety of rights was filed and new products for new markets beeing developed.